Entry #5 - Banksy

Banksy has been the source of much controversy and debate since he first started his graffiti art project. Is Banksy's work art, or is it merely vandalism? As I stated in an earlier blog, art is a way to portray beauty, and Banksy has made some beautiful pieces, but as far as art goes, Banksy is not the most fantastic artist the world has seen, not by a long shot. So why, then, do his pieces sell for so much? Well, Banksy is not what you would traditionally call an artist. Banksy isn't just a painter: he's a performance artist. The reason it's so hard to determine whether his art is really art, or just vandalism, is because the answer is "yes". What I mean is, Banksy's art isn't art or vandalism. Banksy's art is art because it is vandalism. The art of Banksy isn't the literal art, it's the spectacle of his performance. Banksy's art is art in the same way the dance of a dancer is art.

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