Entry #5 - Emotion

Cubi VI is a modernist sculpture by David Smith, and when I look at it I feel rage and disgust. In our history, we have many, many, many beautiful sculptures, and even today with the neo-classical movement, beauty is making a comeback. But this modernist literally just stacks some steel cubes -- something children do with their toys -- and he's displayed in a museum? Some of his works in this series were sold for millions of dollars, and they don't even actually represent anything! Even if they didn't represent anything, it would be fine if they at least looked good, but these sculptures look like they belong is a scrap yard! The names are extremely uncreative as well: the example on the right is called "Cubi VI", and every so-called sculpture in the series has a name just like that: "Cubi X". Modernism is anti-beauty, and does not deserve to be treated as if it has any value. Of course, other than being salvaged and turned into something useful, like a soda can.

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